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Welcome to Pennant Wars, and thanks for taking the time to check out our game. This article will cover the basics to help get you up to speed on what Pennant Wars is all about.
What is Pennant Wars?
Pennant Wars is an online multiplayer baseball simulation game. Pennant Wars creates an alternate baseball universe, where you are put in charge of your own baseball franchise. The objective is to manage your team to long-term success through drafting, developing, trading, signing, and managing your players.
How do I play?
In Pennant Wars, you are playing the role of an owner and general manager. You are responsible for building your team's roster, setting your team's lineups, pitching rotation, and strategy. You're also responsible for drafting amateur players, guiding the development of your minor league prospects, and keeping your team under budget.
Pennant Wars is not an "on the field" game where you control players or an on-field manager. Instead, you prepare your players (and manager) for battle by giving them instructions on how you'd like them to play. Like a real general manager or owner, when the games are being played, you are left to watch your players and manager do their best to get a win.
Last updated on March 21, 2014 4:56 PM EDT by Buster