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League Overview
There are currently 5 leagues in Pennant Wars: Ruth, Williams, Mays, Cobb, and Aaron. When you signed up for Pennant Wars, you were assigned a team in one of these five leagues. Each league is its own unique "universe", made up of 96 teams. Each league is also on its own schedule, so while it may be April 1st (opening day) in one league, it may be the middle of July, or October in another.
A league in Pennant Wars is made up of 4 divisions (1, 2, 3, and 4). Think of these Divisions like college football divisions. Division 1 is the top division that everyone wants to get into (and the division where the League Championship is decided). Division 4 is where teams start at the bottom of the ladder. At the end of each season, the best teams in the lower divisions compete in ladder series against the worst teams in the division above them. The winner is slotted in the higher division for the following season, and the loser is slotted in the lower division.
Each division is made up of 4 conferences. Think of a conference as being similar to the AL East and NL West, etc. Each conference contains 6 teams. That means that each division contains 24 teams (4 x 6), and each league contains 96 teams (24 x 4).
Player Pool
All 96 teams in the league are competing for the services of the same group of players. You can make trades across divisions, and free agents can sign with a team in any of the 4 divisions.
Further Reading
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