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Your Team
Upon signing up for Pennant Wars, you were assigned a team. Your goal is to build and guide your team towards a league championship, season after season. To do this, you're given a great degree of control of your franchise. In essence, you are the owner and general manager of the team. You also have a great degree of influence over your on-field manager as well.
Team Name
One of the first things you'll want to do after signing up for Pennant Wars is to give your team a name. Chances are your team already has a name, but you are free to change it. To do so, navigate to your team page, hover over your team name, and click "edit". Alternatively, you can navigate to the My Account page, and click "edit" next to your team name there.
*Note - Due to Privacy laws, we encourage you not to use licensed team names on Pennant Wars.
League, Division, and Conference
Your team is part of a league. Inside that league, you are part of a specific division and conference. Your league name will be on the left side of the navigation banner. Your division is next to it as a Roman numeral inside of a diamond. During the course of the regular season, you will only play other teams in your division (24 teams total). Each division has 4 six team conferences. You play the other teams in your conference most frequently.
Multiple Teams
After you have purchased a season for one team, you will have option on the bottom of your My Account page to add seasons to the other leagues. Click on the link and it will take you to a team in that league. Once you are added to the team, you must purchase at least a 3 or 9 season pack to be able to make roster moves.
You are allowed only one account. If you sign up for a second account trying to get a second trial season, both accounts will be banned automatically.
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