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PA: Plate Appearances, the number of times a hitter actually appears at a plate.
BB%: Percentage of times walked or walks per plate appearance
K%: Percentage of times struck out or strikeouts per plate appearance
ISO: Isolated Power, SLG - AVG
BABIP: Batting Average on Balls In Play, (H - HR) / balls in play
wOBA: Weighted On Base Average, a linear weight based system that tries to measure offensive contributions and then scale them to OBP.
AVG: Batting Average, H/AB
OBP: On Base Percentage, (H + HBP + BB) / PA
SLG: Slugging percentage, total bases / PA
OPS: On-base Percentage Plus Slugging (just what it sounds like)
AB: At Bats, PA - (BB + HBP + SF)
H: Hits
1B: Singles
2B: Doubles
3B: Triples
HR: Home Runs
R: Runs Scored
RBIs: Runs Batted In
BB: Walks
K: Strikeouts
HBP: Hit By Pitch
SF: Sacrifice Flies
SH: Sacrifice Hit (bunts)
GDB: Grounded into Double Play
ROE: Reached On Error
SB: Stolen Bases
CS: Caught Stealing
Batted Ball

Con%: Contact Percentage, % of plate appearances that end in a ball in play
GB: Ground Balls hit
LD: Line Drives hit
FB: Fly Balls hit
PU: Pop Ups hit
GB%: Percent of balls in play that go for ground balls
LD%: Percent of balls in play that go for line drives
FB%: Percent of balls in play that go for fly balls
PU%: Percent of balls in play that go for pop ups
BACON: Batting Average on CONtact, hits / balls in play
XBH/H: Extra base hits per hit
HR/H: Home Runs per hit
TB/PA: Total bases per plate appearance
P/PA: Pitches seen per plate appearance
RE24: Runs above average by the 24 base/out states: RE24 is the difference in run expectancy (RE) between the start of the play and the end of the play. That difference is then credited/debited to the batter and the pitcher. Over the course of the season, each players’ RE24 for individual plays is added up to get his season total RE24.
QOO: Quality of opponent: For every plate appearance, the "quality" of the opposing batter/pitcher is recorded (on a 0 to 100 scale, with 50 as average). This is then averaged out over all PAs, to give the average quality of opposing pitcher or hitter faced. This stat will give you an idea of whether your hitter/pitcher has had success against higher or lower than average competition, and can help in comparing performances across divisions.

Inn: Innings played
PO: Put Outs
A: Assists
FE: Fielding Errors
TE: Throwing Errors
FPCT: Fielding Percentage, (PO + A) / (PO + A + TE + FE)
BIZ: Batted Balls in Fielder's Zone
RNG: Range, (PO + A) / BIZ
SB: Bases stolen against (for catchers)
CS: Base stealers caught
PB: Passed Balls

W: Wins
L: Losses
S: Saves
BS: Blown Saves
IP: Innings Pitched
G: Games pitched
GS: Games Started
QS: Quality Starts (must have at least 6IP with 3 or less ERs)
CG: Complete Games
ShO: Shut Outs
STR: Starting Rating, Bill James' Game Score
BABIP: Opponents' Batting Average on Balls In-Play
LOB%: Left On-Base Percentage
K/9: Strikeouts per 9 IP
BB/9: Walks per 9 IP
H/9: Hits per 9 IP
HR/9: Home Runs per 9 IP
WHIP: Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched
ERA: Earned Run Average, 9 * (ER / IP)
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