Wish You Owned a Big League Club?
Pennant Wars lets you call the shots as owner of a baseball franchise in its engaging online world
  • Build your dynasty, season after season, through the draft, free agency, and trades
  • Freakishly real sim engine delivers pitch-by-pitch game results
  • Competitive online play rewards creative and strategic thinking
  • Nothing to download or install: Play at home, work, or on a phone
  • Absolutely free to try! Sign up today, no credit card required.
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Here's what some people are saying about Pennant Wars
"Pennant Wars gives me the chance to live out my dream of managing the day to day affairs of a baseball club."
Schaller97 Madison Maulers
"Pennant Wars is unmatched on the market... a well-rounded game that is both fun and deep."
Wushuguy JSF Lightning
"The dynamic league structure sets it apart... The best teams rise to the top division and duke it out."
Shnooglehymer St. College Lions
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A season lasts 6 weeks and includes pre-season, 162 game reg. season, and post-season.
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6 weeks of game time
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3 Season Pack
4 months of game time
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9 Season Pack
1 year of game time
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