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Wish You Owned a Big League Club?

Pennant Wars is a baseball simulation game where you call the shots as owner of a baseball franchise in its engaging online world

  • Build your dynasty, season after season, through the draft, free agency, and trades
  • Freakishly real sim engine delivers pitch-by-pitch game results
  • Competitive online play rewards creative and strategic thinking
  • Nothing to download or install: Play at home, work, or on a phone
  • Absolutely free to try! Sign up today, no payment required.
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Here's what some people are saying about Pennant Wars
"Pennant Wars gives me the chance to live out my dream of managing the day to day affairs of a baseball club."
Schaller97 Madison Maulers
"Pennant Wars is unmatched on the market... a well-rounded game that is both fun and deep."
Wushuguy JSF Lightning
"The dynamic league structure sets it apart... The best teams rise to the top division and duke it out."
Shnooglehymer St. College Lions
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A season lasts 6 weeks and includes pre-season, 162 game reg. season, and post-season.
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9 Season Pack
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Here's a quick message from the creator of Pennant Wars.
As a life-long fan of both baseball and technology, I was drawn to

baseball simulation games

at a young age. I remember being in my middle school baseball uniform, ready to go pitch a game, but not wanting to leave the house until my Front Page Sports Baseball Pro '98 league simmed a few more games. As a 12 year old, I taught myself to program in QBASIC using old programming books from the 1970s because I wanted to create games--specifically a

sim baseball

game (okay, and a pro wrestling game). As a left-handed pitcher, my career didn't make it any further than some college experience, but as a software engineer and entrepreneur I was just scratching the surface.

Way back in 2010, I started saving as much money as I could each month. My plan was either to use the savings to buy a house, or to start a business. Although I had been afforded some great career opportunities at my employer at the time, I still had a desire to go out on my own and see what I could accomplish. In October of 2012, I made the decision to go with a business instead of home ownership--Inspigo, LLC and, more significantly,

Pennant Wars

were born. I gave notice at my job, and was officially "all in" with my new venture. Well over 5 years later, with many ups and downs, and lots of lessons learned along the way, I'm satisfied with my decision.

In creating Pennant Wars, I've tried very hard to stay true to a specific vision of the game. Specifically, I set out to create a game that met certain criteria--criteria which still remains a priority to this day:
  • Build a

    baseball simulator

    with highly realistic stats and outcomes (way harder than it sounds)
  • Provide a fair, balanced, and competitive online multiplayer environment in a

    sim baseball

  • Make something easy to access and simple to use--even for non-technical users! (No clunky EXEs to download, no confusing setup for multiplaer, cloud-based/play anywhere, and a modern UI)
  • Avoid a common trap of

    baseball simulation games

    and not force players to micro-manage or worry about arbitrary minutia (I really don't care how much hot dogs cost in my virtual stadium). Leave the focus really on team building and big-picture strategy without losing more fine control for those who enjoy it.
It's not up to me to determine how well I achieved each of those points. In truth, the game is constantly under-going changes to better meet all of these goals. As a Pennant Wars player, you have the unique opportunity to help shape the future direction the game takes. We have a growing (but still tight-knit) community of players who are passionate about the game, and who are passionate about baseball. The feedback they provide is extremely valuable to me, and allows for constant improvement of the overall experience.

If you're still reading at this point, I can almost gaurantee you are someone who would enjoy what we've built here with Pennant Wars. Whether you're a fantasy baseball veteran who is looking for a new challenge (and year-round play), or a baseball sim veteran who is looking for a new and unique take on the tried-and-true

baseball sim

approach, I would heartily encourage you to sign up for a

free trial

of Pennant Wars. It's free for your first season, and you have nothing to lose. I'd love the opportunity to show you why Pennant Wars should be a new favorite hangout for you on the web!

Thanks, and I hope to see you in the game soon!
Nolan Madge, Creator of Pennant Wars
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