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Social Aspects
One of the many ways that Pennant Wars is different from traditional baseball simulation games is that it was built from the ground up to be a competitive, multi-player game. Building a great community of users is just as important as building a great game.
Benefits of Multi-player
There are many gameplay benefits that come from the fundamental multi-player aspect of the game. The first one that jumps to mind is trading. Trading is an area that is typically not fun in single-player games (unless if your idea of fun is trading all of the top young players in the game to your team!). Many trades are completed in each league each season. Since you are able to trade with any of the other 95 teams in the league, there's always someone looking to make a move.
Another benefit is the level of competition. Players who are used to dominating single player games (winning 120-games per season, etc.) will be in for a surprise in Pennant Wars. Every other team in the league is going to be gunning for you, and everyone can't be a dominant team (or have a winning record!). This aspect can be frustrating at first to some new players, but over time players come to realize that it greatly enhances the experience. Success in Pennant Wars is tough, and something you can be proud of.
What if I don't like interacting with others online?
We understand that not everyone likes their gaming to be "social". In Pennant Wars, that is perfectly okay. There are many long-term users who do not engage in the game's community. There's nothing in the game that requires you to be social. However, we have a great community of users, and you might be surprised that you actually come to enjoy that added aspect to the game!
Further Reading
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